What Caused My Chevrolet Battery Light To Come On?

what caused my chevrolet battery light to come on?

South Pointe Chevrolet welcomes you to discover what caused your Chevrolet battery light to come on.

If the battery indicator in your vehicle comes on just when you start your car, that is just a routine system test. If it stays on while you’re driving, then there is likely an issue. If you have issues with the battery, you may find that the headlights are getting dim, the radio might not power on, and your power windows are moving slower. If you see any of these things happening, then you really need to get home or bring it here to us as soon as possible because your vehicle is ready to die. If neither is an option, find a safe spot to park.

How Far Can You Drive With The Car Battery Light On?

How Long Can You Drive With The Car Battery Light On Before My Vehicle Shuts Down?

Like most things car-related, how long you can drive with the car battery light on depends on a lot of factors. If the car battery light just turned on, you can do things like turning off all accessories like the radio or air conditioning and disconnecting any phones that may be connected to USB slots. This may boost the leftover battery life, but you should get here or head back home. The important thing is to NOT turn off the engine because a dying battery won’t have the power to start the engine.

What Causes The Car Battery Light To Come On?

What Causes Car Battery Light To Come Off and On?

There are several reasons why the car battery light might come on, but the most common reasons are:

  • An old car battery
  • Car battery connections that are corroded
  • Car battery cables that are misconnected
  • Dying alternator
  • Failing serpentine belts

A vehicle does its best with a fully-charged car battery. Any one of the problems listed above will make it hard for your car battery to get a charge. If it is not corrected immediately, it will probably reduce the power of your battery and leave you stranded.

How Can I Fix My Car Battery Warning Light?

My Car Battery Warning Light Is On, What Can I Do To Fix It?

If there is a safe place to pull over, at the very least, you can open the hood and check your battery for rust on the battery or a loose connection. Other than those quick looks, the best way to get the battery light off is to bring it to our service center. Our skilled technicians have the skills and tools to diagnose the issue. They’ll investigate everything from your battery health to checking out your alternator and recommend the best plan to get your car repaired.

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