Why Are My Chevrolet Brakes Screeching?

why are my chevrolet brakes screeching?

On any vehicle, problems can occasionally come from nowhere. Of course, yearly maintenance checks could give drivers a chance to avoid future problems, but daily issues could still happen. One of the many concerns might be screeching brakes, and there could be ways to prevent this from happening, depending on if they are new or older. Brake squeaking might occur due to your driving habits or even driving conditions. Below we’ll provide a deeper breakdown of some frequent causes why your brakes are screeching, how many miles your brake pads should last, and when you should replace your brake pads.

I Just Put On Brand-New Brakes, Why Are They Screeching?

Why Are My New Brakes Squeaking?

This may surprise you, but one of the reasons for brake squealing is that they are just too new. Your vehicle’s brakes might need a few more trips to the store to get acclimated to the vehicle. Sometimes weather conditions may lead to a build-up of moisture covering your brake pads, and it could take a while to get rid of that moisture. Additionally, the way you drive can create some brake screeching. “Riding” your brakes (keeping your foot on the brakes) or heavy braking could lead to brake squeaking, even if they’re new. If this is the case, attempt to brake earlier to help avoid making more friction.

Screeching Brakes Can Be Caused By Worn Down Brake Pads

Using Worn-out Brake Pads, That Need To Be Replaced, May Cause Brake Squealing

Old brakes could be why you may hear that squeaking also. Over the years, components on every vehicle will likely start to break down due to driving habits, moisture, if it is garaged, and rust. The easy solution is to get them changed with brand-new ones. However, a shift in how you drive may help reduce the screeching before driving the car to the shop.

When to Change The Brake Pads?

When Should I Change My Brake Pads?

The life of brakes could last years, based on the way you drive. Understanding how you drive is even more important, as it can help you realize when to change the brake pads. Brake pads typically last 25,000-65,000 miles, but bad driving can cause that number to shrink. Braking hard and riding your brakes (when a foot is always on the brakes) puts a lot of heat and pressure on your brakes and may lead to diminishing their lifespan. If squeaking begins to happen, you might get them changed and think about changing the way you drive to increase the pad’s lifespan.

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Does Your Chevrolet Need Its Brakes Changed?

If you think your brake pads need to be changed, don’t wait another minute to contact us at South Pointe Chevrolet to schedule a service appointment. Our team of experts will take all of the guesswork out of determining the brake service that your car, truck, SUV, or van needs. We proudly service all makes and models of vehicles. Schedule your brake service appointment today.


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